Account Activation

 The first time you are sent a document through the Portal, you will receive an email notification. Before you can access the document, you must activate your account.

The email notification steps you through this process.

Simply read through the instructions in the email, and click the link within the email titled "Click on this link":

After clicking the link, you will be directed to a secure Activate your account page on the website.

Please complete the activation process as instructed.

Once you have completed this, please click "Activate account".

Once you have clicked "Activate account", you will be presented with the document, or pack of documents that was published to you.

You may now access your Portal Account at any time, from any device, using a web browser and navigating to:

Simply type in your Email address andPassword that you used to activate your account and click the "Log In" button.

You can tick the box to remember your password if you wish.

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