Document Signing

After clicking the link in the notification email you'll receive - and signing in - you will see the document.

An example document is shown below:

To sign the document simply click the sign button at the top of the document.

This will show a screen giving information about the signature and, if permitted by the publishing company, an area to add an optional message:

Click Sign to confirm the signature.

At this point you can download a copy of the document to your own machine if you wish.

Authenticating your Device & Browser

This process will only need to be followed if you need to perform a task on a document, such as digitally sign it.

It will only be triggered if you are trying to perform such a task for the first time on a new device or using a new internet browser.

Signing a document needs to be a highly secure process, so we need to be assure as possible that your Portal Account has not been compromised.

When you are asked to sign a document, the email notification you receive will say so, and the Sign and Decline buttons will appear when you access the document in the Portal.

When clicking the Sign button, you will be presented with a pop-up notification stating that you need to authenticate your device or browser and that you have already been sent and authentication email.

When you open the authentication email, there will be a link that you need to click to enable the current device for signature approval.

Make sure you click or use this link on the same device and browser that you are using to sign the document.

The link will take you to a Virtual Cabinet webpage where you can specify if this device is for private use, or is a shared device.

Select the appropriate option.

You will then be allowed to continue with the singing process. A pop-up will be presented asking if you would like to add a message to the document you are signing.

Feel free to create a message, and click the "Sign" button to sign and send the document:

Once you have clicked this, you will receive a pop-up message stating that the document has been signed and returned.

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