I am a graduate accountant and I finished studying my Bachelor of Business in June 2020. My role is to use the skills I acquired through my studies in the business and accounting fields and apply them through the provision of services to clients.

I started with ATS Partners in July 2020. Upon the merger of ATS Partners & STM, I joined STM as a Graduate Accountant in 2021. Prior to this, I worked as a Sales Assistant at BWS in Wangaratta for almost 4 years. Through my employment there I have been able to build upon my communication and teamwork skills and apply them at STM.

My position at STM Partners allows me to build upon what I've learnt through my studies at university and challenge myself to go the extra mile for clients.
The team are very friendly and available to help when I need it. They have made me feel welcome here at STM Partners and the culture and attitudes of everyone creates a good working environment.

I have lived close to Wangaratta all my life and am planning to move up to Albury/Wodonga in the near future. I love living in North-East Victoria because every town has something different to offer and there is an abundance of attractions and activities available to enjoy. The region also has plenty of beautiful countryside to gaze upon.

During my spare time, I like to catch up with mates, have a kick of the footy (I'm a Collingwood supporter), go hiking, ice skating, play tennis and even the occasional hit of golf. I also love live music and play guitar sometimes. A keen traveller, I have been around America, Hawaii, the UK, Iceland and other parts of continental Europe.

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